Payment Terms

Lersia Play offer pay-per-view model to watch movies, films and tv series available on the platform. User are required to register with a valid email and phone number to become a member. User may choose content they want watch and select the video quality in which they want to watch the content. Based on quality selection, video contents are priced accordingly.

User will be charged a fixed amount to watch content and content once purchased will be available for watch for a fixed period of days. After purchasing the content, user will be able to start watching the content, and as soon as the user start watching the content, the video availability period will start counting. TV Series will be available for watch for a period of 4 days soon after the user start watching the content. Likewise, movies and short films will be available for a period of 3 days soon after the user start watching the content.

All contents available in Lersia Play platform are paid content and available for consumption as a pay-per-view model. Contents are priced by individual movie, films, episodes or by full series ranging from Rs 40 to Rs 500. User can choose based on their convenience.

There are several options to pay for contents in Lersia Play

We accept the locally issued credit, debit and ATM cards from major banks national and international.
NOTE: You may need to enable your card for online transactions

We accept Netbanking from all major banks in India. 

We accept UPI payments and wallet - such as GPay, BHIM, Paytm, etc.

User may contact us at support@lersia.com in case of refund and any other payment issues. In case of refund, payment gateway fees and taxes applicable on the fees may not be refunded once payment has been captured. Once user starts watching the content, cancellation of payment may not be claimed on watched content. However, user may request cancellation and refund on non-watched content. Non-watched contents are contents that the user have not started watching, for which the user can claim full refund excluding payment gateway fees and applicable taxes on the gateway fees. For series, user purchased full series, non-watch episodes will be used to calculate the refund amount.

Contact us for any issues relating to payment at +919863520865 / +919863539872 / +919366899947 
or using email at support@lersia.com